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start the pastor at once same time there's a reason they don't want you to know. that i'm not crazy. now let's break the set. civilian life is tested to the limits of eastern ukraine as government forces laid siege to the regions of biggest cities blockades punctuated by deadly shelling. the number of palestinian casualties a spiral says israel ramps up its attacks on gaza threaten new targets while building up forces for a possible ground invasion. plus the fallout from of the latest n.s.a. scandal with revealed a possible double agent spying on berlin for washington sees the german public demanding the country distance itself from what was supposed to be a trusted ally. and washington leaves moscow in an information blackout over the
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arrest of a russian citizen abroad which has already been dubbed a kidnap. from wherever you're watching from around the world welcome to moscow and to arch international you with me to say. more people have been killed by shelling in the eastern ukrainian metropolis of lugansk locals say they were hit by ordinance fired by government forces. please don't look at the biggest problem of school they did. where do you want to do it with this book was looking for the i really am going to. look i'm going to have a. thing. the ukrainian military has been given orders to
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surround the two biggest cities in east and in the east of there will be done as well as new ganske up here and to government forces currently control both the extent of their influence mot the area that we have here on this map as in the dance for us and report on how the city is taking to life under siege. we don't leave hotel without bulletproof jackets both sides may mean they will not talk presidential areas but he says i can different. shells land in the city center the gun. is dangerous for life. so now already but citizens here have little protection against mortar rounds and those who didn't flee face constant danger. over the last three days the city's residential areas have been hate each time we
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civilian casualties. this is the scene of the most recent attack we saw at least two craters on the road there and there and as you can see this building was damaged well it used to be one of the city's banks and it could barely be a target of whoever is behind this attack so what it is the reason bus station it's one look away from here but most importantly there is one of three major headquarters bases of self defense forces here in the guns and experts say that that was the target but it's not less than one kilometer away from where we are now . as we're filming and we hear about another shelling locals say it was a miracle that no one got hurt book or. fire just going out to the balcony and then i heard glass breaking and i realized we are being attacked. you were on the balcony and you survived oh my god i don't know what to do where to
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hide where they're going to fire from the next time they go to invite us to what used to be his home broken glass litter is the floor. or the windows and we go to these two room apartment have been shattered. i just got up and opened up the window and then it came. this also happened on tuesday nine story apartment building on the outskirts of the city of the guards what was that mistake no one can say for sure both sides blame the other for the violence but whoever is responsible the violence is real and fear is spreading lugansk the second largest city in is to ukraine it used to be home to more than four hundred thousand people these days you can see it looks like a ghost town it's not just shops banks and restaurants that have closed their doors
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post offices to have shocked so has the local police office a group of men gathers next to a bank in the center they're all workers lining to take out cash on payday they don't trust the banks not going to speak to journalists either. face you can see people do not want to take their angry nervous it's understandable. as the sun goes down a to refire intensifies. evening is the most difficult time of the day people who those who didn't flee the city preferred not to go outside to stay at home with their families friends would also better hurry out back to hotel tomorrow will be a new day a new fault. party here is the new crane. there is constantly posting updates on what's happening in lugansk on her twitter feed to be sure to follow her as she documents life on the street. the greyman crisis and it
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ravages on relations between the east and the west are the theme of today's crosstalk with peter lavelle second look it's not the beginning of the end but rather the end of the beginning as ukraine's civil war deepens so does the divide this invented crisis the europeans and russian seek a diplomatic resolution what washington calls for more violence. israel has intensified its a rocket fire on gaza hitting scores of targets the idea says all those who's been killed were militants although local authorities dispute the claim a middle east correspondent policia is in tel aviv. in the past twenty four hours a number of palestinians have been killed including civilians teenage boys were among those who were killed when the israelis targeted a house belonging to a hamas militant in harney units in the gaza strip in
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a separate incident as civilians were also killed when the israelis hit a car in which militants were traveling in signed according to the israelis they say that they have hit two hundred and seventy targets they said that this is essentially the military infrastructure of who mass and add a militant groups in the gaza strip that it is hoping and aiming to destroy but of course as is always the case it is civilians who are caught in the crossfire we have heard from him us that israel stop with his operation or else they are saying that they will expand their airstrikes now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has responded by saying that israel will continue for as long as hamas continues to rain rockets down on southern israel and targeting israeli civilians what is particularly worrying for the israelis is that rockets have not been aimed at the cities of jerusalem and tel aviv and that is why there is the suspicion in israeli circles that these are rockets that have not been made by him us that which it has acquired from elsewhere until now the iron dome anti-missile system has
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managed to successfully intercept rockets aimed for big cities other rockets have exploded in open fields now forty thousand israeli reserve troops have been called up the commander in chief of the israeli army has said that they will continue with their air strikes from both the sea and the sky over gaza to quote him to make hamas sorry. but here we spoke to the israeli defense forces spokesperson who says hamas is to blame for everything on the ground and israel is simply protecting its land and people. fortunate situation israel had no intention no wish to go and attack gaza but harm us. in the school know where our civilians are. changing today. it could not be allowed to go to kindergarten children could not coaches they had to stay in the safe return excepted we're not willing to let this
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go and that's why the military has been charged to protect the state of israel hamas is responsible hamas is accountable we are responsible for safeguarding the state of israel that is our mission and that is what we will do casualties inevitable in conflicts but idea of figures show the number of israeli civilian victims is about thirty times lower than the palestinian ones israel has shown the world with its reaction to any aggression wouldn't be long in coming but what has it achieved so far back in two thousand and six israel will war lebanese hezbollah but far from being destroyed the group actually rose to power in the same area israel's that it is a series of regular offensive on gaza claiming the total more than a thousand lives meanwhile its war on hamas that lead up to the militant group forming a unity government with the leading palestinian political party fatah and its well known that no war does a country is a reputation many favors that in this case in
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a recent poll suggests israel is now one of the most unpopular countries in the world. still to come in the program sometimes principles can do you a great deal of harm just like in the case of a bakers of northern ireland you could face trouble with the law for refusal to cook any quality theme to take. the decades along policy of berlin and not spying on washington could crumble under the weight of the latest n.s.a. snooping scandal german politicians including the interior minister have called for the rule to be scrapped after the country arrested a suspected double agent working for america germany media has been cited south for the anger about repeated revelations of us as surveillance on its european allies barrage of washington stories may have followed each scandal but every one following bombshell has shown america failing to deliver on its promises and the
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consequences of such an approach is already being felt among the german public at least according to a recent survey by a magazine now the poll showed more than half of the country citizen now want to see greater distance and less dependence on washington which of course is a supposed to be billions close ally german journalist robert stein believes america has turned his country into a puppet if you see the latest. concerning for example mr snowden the. crisis let's say in the german politics when mr snowden came up with all these ideas and with all these facts you press presented that basically the whole german government was taped or was supervised or so what was the effect or secretary of the interior thomas that his year wanted to go
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to america to make some clear statements that it is not possible what happened he came back with the impression that there's a criminal so. so what would shelby think about that coming up a troubling into the of the beast documentary takes a look at how the people all the bahamas are making a stand for their white supremacy revelations the n.s.a. listens to all incoming and outgoing calls on the back office of this. join me. in the impartial and financial reporting commentary interviews and
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much much. only on bombast and on. science technology innovation. developments from around russia we've got this huge earth covered. language. called if we could with oh if you're going to. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that you. choose the stories that impact the. truth you. welcome to r.t. international the u.s.
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secret service has refused to name legal grounds for something moscow is calling a de facto abduction russian citizen. was grabbed by american agents in the maldives on accusations of saving personal information and hacking artie's damages you can reports. monsoon is no ifs family vacation in the came to an abrupt end when the u.s. secret service captured him before whisking him off toy u.s. base in guam the u.s. government charged the russian citizen with hacking into retail computer systems and installing malicious software to steal credit card numbers the u.s. however had little to say about the circumstances of his arrest there were accusations made at the department of justice case certainly there was no kidnapping involved i'm not sure maybe kidnapping is a bit too strong but if someone is in. the capital trying to get on a flight to russia and somehow they're spirited away and they end up in.
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charge of the crime. you know how i was. abduction. i'm just not going to have more in this case the aftermath moscow says city's newest attention is a kidnapping and criticizes the maldives government for letting the u.s. secret service take him so there's no father who is a russian state duma deputy believes it could be a scheme to trade his son for it would snow that but lawyers are doubtful mr snowden has been granted asylum status in russia i don't know. that the u.s. would engage nor do i not believe really that russia would engage in any sort of an exchange with those two particular individuals there's no extradition treaty between russia and the u.s. moscow says the u.s. should at least have told russian us. ortiz on what grounds their citizen was captured in a third country i would say that also is client. a russian pilot was
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captured in liberia and sent to the us where he was convicted of drug trafficking thailand allowed the u.s. to take hold of victor boot the russian arms dealer. proxy of seizing russian citizens abroad in third countries and bringing them into the jurisdiction of the united states has become quite common. by american agents the u.s. has captured citizens of many countries with this kind of snap extradition extraordinary renditions have been common practice since nine eleven and detainees rights of a brutally being violated but i must see these north was shipped to guam and although the island is in possession of the united states the us constitution does not fully apply there which raises more questions as to what rights. will have while he's there in washington i'm going to check on our team. and available right
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now online for you eager customers have been lining up outside stalls as savoring the moment as washington has become the second state in the u.s. to allow i don't buy marijuana legally without a doctor's note all the details on archita. also there what do syrian jihad destroy their inspiration from when delivering a strong anti isis speech all of pink yellow kitty no big it seems at least it is a case of this a commander this video went viral on into that check it out on our twitter. a chinese tycoon infamous for his shady philanthropy has been given a taste of his own medicine chen is demanding his money back after shelling out thirty thousand dollars for both his u.n. certificate report now has been following the story. the u.s. centric chinese billionaire who conned hundreds of homeless new yorkers out of a promise a day has found that his deeds have come back to bite him philanthropist chand long
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be our was reportedly scammed into making a thirty thousand dollars donation to a new york based foundation that awarded him a fake prestigious title and bogus united nations certificate during his charity tour in the u.s. last month chen was allegedly named to global peace and goodwill ambassador and the world's most prominent palantir post the man the stowing the title claim to be the chairman of the china foundation for local partnership an organization that the u.n. reportedly says it has nothing to do with chen and initially garnered international fame in june after taking out a full page advertisement in the new york times promising one thousand homeless people free lunch at central park extravagant boathouse and three hundred dollars cash the event that r.c. reported on turned into a media circus that huge huge back i mean should just get out with chants so the
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spotlight becomes to. be used to the cold however only two hundred fifty homeless people were allowed in and only a few receive their money the chinese billionaire shocked at the cash strapped crowd when he announced that even stead of giving them money he would donate ninety thousand dollars to new york's hold this shelter. a bright. morning. post it now chen who has built his fortune on recycling says he has been cheated and is taking action to get his money back from the foundation as for the hundreds of homeless we feel cheated by chan well they may be thinking what goes around comes around for a. what i.r.t. me or. cooking up a pro gay marriage campaign can be
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a tough task and in northern ireland it's really turned out to be no piece of cake quite literally bakery refused to make a tasty treat of featuring two characters from sesame street over the year less religious believes and now faces a grilling in court that is political takes up the story. northern ireland is the only part of the u.k. where gay marriage still isn't legal and this bakery is run by devout christians it's even named after a verse in the bible and a gay rights group called queer space came to the company and ordered a cake that was supposed to have an image of the sesame street characters and ernie on it and a slogan in support of gay marriage as well as the name of the organization on it now employees at the ashes baking company took the order but the manager later refused to bake the cake now the family run firm says that it's refused to take orders in the past that featured sexual images or bad language and they said the cake in support of gay marriage was quote cherry to their beliefs as
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a company but the now facing legal action for those believes they've been accused of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the island's first openly gay man has backed the legal action saying the business is shouldn't be able to pick and choose who they serve whereas the bakery are arguing that christians should be able to apply their beliefs of the day to day running of their businesses they've now got a christian pressure group to back up that stands now in terms of legal precedence while courts in the u.k. have in the past said that it's wrong for christians to refuse to serve gay people on the grounds of their sexuality but crucially this case would likely be the first in which anyone has been told that it's against the law to refuse to take part in gave rights published city campaigns the gay rights organization the rainbow project has said that the bakery can't have their cake and eat it in relation to
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equality legislation in northern ireland. right i'm back on next hour for more top international stories coming up next the the island of the hamas as a country associated with it daily could be cheese and romantic holiday so why is the n.s.a. chosen to keep tabs on the phones of this country's people. investigate keep you. like always wonder will the n.s.a. listening to my conversations. he's a place holder i know for sure that they do that they support the bahamas i went to not so pick up the same thing just to get. i mean the sixty minutes just wanted to feel like i covered. my sugar free to have a shirt. and she's just not he doesn't learn here is a misguided. minister this whole financial services seems comfortable about
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the whole idea of. missile finance i mean there's nothing to do with it he said with the state's economic surveillance was like the ping in the phone. you think it's a feeling the whole world. that you just told me to see the phone company to stop it so busy yeah i meant to send a letter signed up to write down the lease. but. it was not going to. be nobody there is ultimately going to say you know how to drive. us. basically so you want to give a speech about the whole government surveillance thing. would you say like the us told you it's all good and there's nothing cool about or i would say. this go look . at the industry summit and focus about it like that the foreign minister is about
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to give a speech in parliament saying that he's got some reassuring. it's only us or something like that there are certain issues because of national security that we may not know. maybe certain instances. that that may boric some type of information gathering but when it comes down to the. breaking of the privacy rules not individual individuals so innocent individuals that's a whole different story you know so we need to look at that we need to consider that we need more information from our government got much should know what's going on and they ought to tell the boehm people from a time then we are in a position to make a determination as to people. like i'm giving you the n.s.a. stickers all right give you some just to put on your phone so you know we'll get. the people of the bahamas okupe like parliament square to protest fulfill those
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information. deputy prime minister davis he said we give our consent but that is not the same thing as not knowing the question we have is like with full brightness exactly the possibility of a reason which is one of the many reasons why we're demonstrating today even the us put them in a godor a perhaps i don't think it could be anything it could be that they just turned a blind eye without the well being so often in small countries like this you think well you know if united states wants to do it and we're not going to get in trouble you are going to have an effect that's going to be. dismissed is suing the u.s. government and my right to privacy have been violated i've been awful all the way new york i did know you know they work and there are members there are certain responsibility had to do you know go follow the couldn't cry and cry i don't understand but i have not put a. drop. on him
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a certain i did ok but if i'm just to listen to people's phone calls as a whole in the bahamas all kinds of a. well it's ok to listen to people i also like just ok this is just some of the food rumors information that you know the cabin of the bahamas can contain important information that should be shared with the service and very long track from. the make sure that. people over six feet above sea country. have a. p.c. you can see these see oh. they can't fix their position. many people in russia to believe that the reset was essentially never aimed at the improving their relations it was rather that the neighboring be
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a graphic or villager and foreign policy of the united states one year a poll in free the phrase of george h.w. bush in one thousand nine hundred two migrated during the course of the clinton administration the george w. bush administration and finally through the obama administration into a mishmash of ideas about expanding american idealistic intentions and expanding nato right up to russia's borders. we speak your language of the war not a day in. the news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles stories. that the spanish find out more visit. all tito is comb.
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right from the scene. first for you and i think the trick. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on. dramas that can't be ignored. others houston the. street right now. trying to.
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drop. their i marinated this is the boss and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up well a very exciting world cup game is on right now between brazil and germany we appreciate you watching us live and first story here on groom bus optimism has returned but what was the price of this is cyclical upswing economics professor michael hudson way then coming right up and anthony randolph i was on the program today he's giving us his libertarian assessment on monetary policy over indebtedness and the financial instability that we just went through an intra day is a big deal edward harris and i are discussing time off versus our work and what effect either actually has on output it all starts breaking out.